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Religião e Espiritualidade / 04/08/2020

Arrogance strengthens you for a day, humility forever

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Arrogance strengthens you for a day, humility forever


Arrogance is usually linked to people of strong character, confident of themselves, with scenic control and good handling of situations. However, behind every arrogant person, there is a lack of humility, a great inferiority complex, which translates into the need to show yourself and others that someone is superior to the rest.

Humility is one of the best conditions for human beings, so we do not show weakness, surrender or submission, we simply show our human nature in the simplest expression, through the recognition of our limitations, our mistakes, opportunities for growth and improvement ...

To know that you don't know, that is humility. To think that you know what you don't know, that is disease. - Lao Tzu

Being humble, we are able to appreciate others without envy, without resentment, we are able to enhance the virtues and positive characteristics of others without feeling intimidated or uncomfortable.

On the contrary, arrogance limits the view that we can have of others, while we think that nobody can do better than us or that nobody knows more than us, we simply miss the things that are put in our noses. learn, complement our knowledge, see other worldviews and become better people, with the due acceptance of the people who are part of or that in one way or another affect our lives.

there is pride, there will be ignorance; but there is humility, there will be wisdom. - Solomon

If it is true that there are many people who are self-aware of their skills, knowledge, physique or any aspect that characterizes them, and they can, alone, because of their insecurity, feel uncomfortable by anyone they consider threatening and who is not. it is necessary that you find someone arrogant to feel uncomfortable, it is also true that arrogance makes us bitter beings and generates rejection in the people around us, even when they have their self-esteem and self-confidence well planted.

Humility makes us big, free, flexible and strong ... Humility is a gift, it is cultivated with our actions, with our perception of life, with maturity, the bigger the spirit, the more humble we will be, the more aware that we are all part of of the same, that we are here to learn individually and collectively through different experiences.

Living without appreciating the kindness of others, with the arrogance that characterizes the owners of the truth is a real limitation, these people often live trying or pretending to be better than others, instead of striving to be the best version of themselves.

“The greater the humility, the closer we are to greatness” - Rabindranath Tagore

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